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Junior Infants

Ms. Phelan’s Class

  • Halloween in Junior Infants - We had a great variety of halloween costumes in Junior Infants ranging from caterpillars, soccer players, dinosaurs, skeletons, Harry Potter, Spider man and Dog Man.

  • National Spring Clean Day - The boys loved getting involved in the National Spring Clean Day. The swept, washed, hoovered and sorted. They had a great day.

  • World Book Day - The boys loved taking part in world book day. Some boys brought in books from home and read them with a microphone, we visited the school library and teacher read lots of stories that week.

  • Butterfly Garden - In our Junior Infant class, we've embarked on an enchanting journey of nature's magic with our very own caterpillars! Each day, we watched as these tiny creatures munched on their food to grow bigger and bigger. The excitement builds as they transform into chrysalises, and then, in a spectacular display of metamorphosis, emerge as beautiful butterflies. This hands-on experience taught the boys about the incredible life cycle of butterflies and the beauty of nature.

  • Aistear - We worked on the theme of ‘The Zoo’ in Aistear where we created lots of artwork. We loved using the Jaggo blocks to create fantastic zoo’s.


Ms. Moran’s Class

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Garda Visit.jpg
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  • Circle Time - The boys always enjoy their meditation time with Ms. McCabe during our weekly circle time activities.

  • Garda Visit - The children really enjoyed the visit from the community Garda! They had lots of questions for him.

  • Construction Play - Our boys in Junior Infants always love working with different types of construction materials. They create amazing structures and often work as a team in doing this!

  • Popcorn Movie Day - The boys worked really hard in class and on yard and earned a Gold Card! We had a popcorn movie day as our prize.

  • Safe Cross Code - Both Junior Infant classes headed to the Avenue in Saint Anne’s Park to practice the Safe Cross Code. The boys were super and really enjoyed the day out.

  • Sensory Play - Our Junior Infants always enjoy the opportunity engaging with different types of sensory play! This included water play, sand and rice and lentils! This is a great activity for the boys based on our thematic play.

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