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1st Class

Mr. Spillane’s Class

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  • Halloween in 1st class - The boys in first class enthusiastically engaged with a Halloween science lesson. They designed and carved spooky pumpkins. They sketched faces on their pumpkins, learning about shapes, symmetry and observed the textures and structures inside. 

  • National Spring Clean Day - The boys loved getting involved in the National Spring Clean Day in our classroom. They swept, washed and cleaned. They had a great day. 

  • Exploring Plant Growth - 1st class learnt about the life cycle of a plant. They put their knowledge to the test by exploring how plants have essential needs for growth. We had great fun recording our observations. Afterwards, they created their first book using their digital literacy skills. 

  • Fun with Shapes - The boys got creative with making 2D shapes in class! 

  • Journey of Milk - 1st class learnt about the journey of milk and the important role agriculture plays in our life. They really enjoyed milking their first cow in class and creating art work inspired by Eoin O’ Conner. 

  • Nature Walk - The boys thoroughly enjoyed our nature walk in St. Annes park. We collected leaves to examine back in class where the boys carefully identified what tree the fallen leaves had come from. 

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Ms. O’Brien’s Class

  • Spring Clean - Ms. O’Brien’s class had lots of fun tidying up and cleaning our classroom during the National Spring Clean Week in the school. Our classroom is now feeling fresh and organised.

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