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5th Class

Mr. Doyle’s Class

The boys in Mr Doyle’s 5th Class have been researching all about the events of the 1916 Rising and the significance of this event in Irish history. We made use of the school’s new chromebooks to research this topic. The boys created these excellent projects in small groups, with each group focusing on a particular aspect of the 1916 Rising.

1916 Project.jpg

Mr. Noone’s Class

National Spring Clean Day!
Well done to everyone for their wonderful efforts as part of National Spring Clean Day which took place on Friday 26th of April in our school. With the sun shining, our class took to Brookwood Avenue, armed with gloves, rubbish pickers and bags to clean up any litter that they encountered!
We are pleased to say that in general, the areas surrounding our school were in excellent condition, with very little rubbish and litter needing to be picked up. Special mention to Daniel who passed by his house and made sure that everything outside his front gate was spick and span! 

6th Class Confirmation
Huge congratulations to the 6th class Confirmation candidates on receiving the sacrament of Confirmation on Thursday 9th of May. The sun was shining brightly on the boys for what was a wonderful and special occasion. 6th class photographs took place the following day in school where the boys had a chance to show off their style, calling in to visit each class for the traditional ‘fashion show’! Congratulations boys, we are so proud of you all. 

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