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3rd Class

Mr. O’Gorman’s Class

  • Junior Achievement - The boys in 3rd class completed their Junior Achievement programme recently. They learned so much on how to reduce our waste and shop in a way that is environmentally friendly. The boys had lots of fun along the way. A special thanks has to go to your volunteer Paul who brilliantly taught the boys the lessons. The boys already have started implementing ways in school and at home that they can be kinder to the environment.

Junior Achievement.jpg

Ms. Kavanagh’s Class

  • Board Games: We have been learning to play a variety of board games in our classroom. The boys have taken a particular interest in chess and checkers and are becoming skilled players. We had a fantastic time playing some of the board games with our family’s on Grandparents day!

  • Chromebooks: The boys have been working hard on their ICT skills throughout the year. They have engaged in a variety of activities using the chromebooks including; researching, coding, making e-books, presenting findings, reading.

  • Lego: In our class we love using Lego to be innovative. We even used Lego to learn about Area during Maths. The boys have created amazing masterpieces this year!

  • National Spring Clean: We took to the Howth Road with litter pickers, bin bags and gloves, to play our part in the National Spring Clean. The boys enjoyed helping our community by picking up rubbish and making a difference.

  • Reading: We are avid readers in Room 1. World book day was a fantastic day to do what we love best! We even got to join Ms.Moran’s junior infants class to do some paired reading.

  • Science: Throughout the year the boys have taken part in many science experiments and activities. At halloween the boys followed the bubbling magic potions recipe to see what reaction would occur. We were quite shocked by the results!

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