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Active School

Active School

St. Brigid's BNS prides itself on being an extremely active school and we are always striving to raise our standards and awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Physical Education in St. Brigid’s BNS is of paramount importance. All classes in the school are allocated one hour of PE a week along with numerous other opportunities to be physically active. The five different strands of Games, Athletics, Gymnastics, Aquatics, Dance and Outdoor and adventure activities are all taught in each class throughout the year.

Community Based Partnerships
Our school works with local sports clubs to ensure the boys have an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Our GAA Games Promotion Officer from Raheny GAA coaches all classes during the year.

  • Leinster Coaches in conjunction with Clontarf Rugby Club visit our school regularly.

  • Clontarf Cricket Club provides coaches to introduce the sport of cricket to our school.

  • Dominick Smyth from Dublin Youth Ultimate Frisbee teaches frisbee to the boys during the year.

  • Fencing Ireland visits our school to coach the boys in basic fencing skills.

  • The Cycle Right Programme is completed by our senior classes with Dublin Bay Cycle Training and Dublin City Council.

  • Our Autism Classes engage in swimming sessions in the CRC which is located close to our school.

Running initiative ‘The Daily Mile’
As a whole school we encourage classes to run a Daily Mile. This is where a child runs 15 minutes a day at their own pace. The Daily Mile is an effective concept that improves not only the children’s fitness, but also their concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general wellbeing. In recognition of our efforts in this area we were awarded a ‘Daily Mile Flag’ in 2022.

St. Brigid’s School Sports Day
Our school celebrates ‘Sports and Wellbeing Week’ annually in June.  Throughout the week our teaching staff engage with wellbeing resources and materials. We also encourage coaches from the community to come into the school to share their expertise with our pupils. Our volunteer base includes experts in Taekwondo, GAA, Cricket, Dance, Yoga, Ultimate Frisbee and Leinster Rugby. Our big ‘Sports Day’ is usually held in Saint Anne’s Park where the children engage in lots of diverse sporting activities like sprinting, hurdling, javelin, rounders, basketball etc. 

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Wake Up Shake Up
Each month we gather in our school yard to complete 15-20 mins of physical activity to help kick start our day. It’s a great way to improve our physical well-being and get ourselves energised for a great day’s learning! We explore the fundamentals of movements through an exciting array of engaging and inclusive activities and each session offers a fresh challenge.
We love taking part in Rock, Paper, Scissors relay races, sprint X’s and O’s and freestyle dancing to our favourite beats!

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