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4th Class

Mr. Kiely’s Class

Junior Achievement Active Maths Morning: The boys in Mr. Kiely and Ms. Morris’s class recently took part in the Junior Achievement Programme to explore math in a fun and active way through a series of grouped activities.  These activities were designed to engage the students in number operations and problem solving scenarios. Darts, basketball, football, rings, skipping and bowling were all among the activities used to engage and excite the students.

Lego Problem-Solving Exhibition: The boys were challenged to work both individually and as part of a wider group to undertake various design and numerical challenges to construct an object or project from Lego.  The boys were tasked with thinking logically, creatively, independently and laterally to produce an end product which they could display and present in their class exhibition.

Jr Achievement.JPG

Ms. Morris’ Class

It has been a busy term in Fourth Class! We have been working on science experiments, creating our own pulleys and levers. We have also been practising our gymnastics moves and earlier in the term we took to our local streets to do our bit for the environment!

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