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Friendship week

Friendship week takes place every year in September. It aims to promote the values of friendship and kindness within our school. Every year we choose a different theme based on friendship and organise activities, games and book readings based on the theme. We also run an art competition and the standard is so high!

All classes are also taught about bullying during this week and complete anti-bullying surveys. There is a focus on our anti-bullying motto of ‘Say No!, Go!, Tell!’ and all classes learn strategies to recognise and deal with bullying behaviour as well as the very important role of the ‘upstander’ rather than bystander. Every morning, we are greeted with a famous quote about friendship on the intercom and these can also be seen dotted around the school. It is a great way to start the school year and promote positive behaviours in our school.

“I get by with a little help from my friends”

John Lennon

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